Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Places to Go, People to See, Dancing to Do

It's nice when you can get yourself out of the mess of worries. 

"I came up with this at night when I was trying to fall asleep," I told Georgie, Danica, and Nash during our meeting during lunch today to try and put together a dance for our grade at the next assembly. "So it might not be that great."

"I come up with all my best plans at night," said Nash, which made me believe that maybe I could plan my way out of misery.

There's a song I really love--Misery by Maroon 5. It was popular two summers ago and it was one of those songs you hear all the time but don't get tired of listening to {at least for me}. It's about being depressed, basically, but it's really poppy and if you couldn't understand the words, you'd be smiling. Not that it doesn't leave me smiling.

Anyway, today I was really happy simply because I had things to do. 

In the morning, I talked more with Seattle than I have in a while, and Liberty also walked with me to and from classes while we were figuring things out, and then I got to skip Band and parts of English for a test that counts as volunteer work. It was a fun test. 

During PE, we played an interesting game. I got stuck on the side of the people that nobody wanted {except me}. Well, we had some epic people on our team such as Hillary, Danica, and Georgie, but the other team was completely chosen out of the good people. AKA Vanessa, who loved to take charge of the sport and obsess about the whole thing. But that's what she's good at, and if she says she had fun I'm happy for her. {She didn't look like she was having too much fun, but maybe that's because when you're in a state of extreme concentration you don't have time to mess with facial expressions.}

{Not that she was ever in a state of extreme concentration, since it was an easy win for her team.}

At lunch, I had that one meeting mentioned above, which was successful and awesome. And though we switched to lame seats during math, I had lots of fun doing my homework, actually. {Weird huh.}

After that I had a Mathcounts meeting and then I went to the library for more volunteer work. I'm feeling like I've had a long day, especially after finishing a book, but I feel like I got a lot done.

And you know, one of the best cures for the blues is to rescue yourself.

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