Friday, March 8, 2013

Weather Problems

Do you know what's awesome? It rained today!
Do you know what's not awesome? 


Okay, successfully for the past week or so I've not even thought about them at all, bar the times when Orqua and Georgie try and get me to talk about who I like. Which isn't so certain right now {but definitely Seattle}.

Anyway, I guess it's time to take a break, because I'm am oh so SUPER tired about boys. It's so cute how this one girl I know is freaking out about one {he hasn't been here for a while and she's been kinda sad about it, but as I type they're having a conversation and he just discreetly called her beautiful}. I guess I'm sort of freaking out about one too. 

In the, you know, get-out-of-my-head-and-stay-out way.

I'm very happy right now without thinking about males and how idiotic they can be. You know, they can be fun too, and right now they're my friends. Not as good as my girl friends, who I'm hanging out with more 'cause it's funner and less worrysome. With my girl friends, I can force Sparrow to eat fries to save Danica's octopus's life, and I can also make gutterballs without caring. Or with an 8 pound ball, your pick.

I can also play soccer and deny when Vanessa tells me I did really good, because I did kick the ball out from between this guy's feet {not to be mistaken with legs} and also kicked it from Stephen's {which was oh so super cool. But hurt, because bare feet + shoes = ouch}. 

But today I really did deny when Vanessa told me I did really good, because when I called to someone so they could pass the ball to me, I was completely open and pass they did not. Plus, everyone was cheering other people on, and nobody even called my name when I had the soccer ball. normally this doesn't bother me, but today it did, because I overheard Storm talking about me. Do you remember Storm? He's the one person who I hate half the time, because I can't help looking at him in the other half.

Well, he was talking about me in soccer today, and if I heard what I thought I heard, it wasn't good. So I was annoyed, because I started feeling like he was against me. I started taking every single time that someone didn't pass to me, or call my name when I got the ball and even kicked it in the right direction. He said about five words to me during that soccer game, where he was yelling encouragement to everybody else. 

I was looking at the sky hoping for rain. I'd voiced these thoughts this morning and he had caught my eye and said him too, but I didn't believe it anymore. Then it did start raining later today and I was happy, but that was only from the nose down. You should've seen my eyes, working up a storm.

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