Sunday, March 3, 2013


I don't know what it is with the one-word posts, but there's only one word that describes it: rain! Guess what's falling out my window right now? It's my favorite weather that hasn't happened all year, despite my fervent wishing for it to come and wipe out all of the snow. Thus, I'm super happy that it's falling right now, even if it isn't much. 

Mmm. I've always loved the fresh clean smell of rain, and the slugs it brings. Okay, I don't like the smell of slugs {what} but I do like snails. And collecting them. I don't salt them anymore, thankfully, because of my environmentalism {or because it's animal cruelty. And yes, those gushy things are animals}. 

So I feel like dancing right now, because today is one of those days you look out the window and think beautiful.

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