Monday, March 18, 2013

Yeah, Just a Bit Dramatic

"You eighth graders are being so dramatic today," said one of the seventh-grade student representatives as we were going through our lunch meeting today at lunch. You see, there's a dance we need to do for the assembly and I've been trying to teach it to them during lunch for the past four school days, and let's just say it hasn't been working.

She said that after I finished my yelling match with one of the other sevvies. It was a reasonable yelling match, 'cause I needed him to ask his Science teacher if we could use some of her class period, but he STILL hasn't and I asked him last Wednesday. He's had plenty of time.

And I don't have plenty of time. The assembly is next Friday, and do you know what I've been worried about for the past month?

But then I realized as I walked alone to math and wrote it all out in my journal {haha, poor guy who sits next to me, he's probably freaked out}, I should calm down.

You know how some days just aren't good days? Lately that happens to me, like I'm this taut string and I really hate it when people poke me. Not literally, but emotionally people have just been getting on my case. And I'm like I FREAKING NEED MY CASE!!!!

Anyway, it's still unreasonable. There's no reason for me to act the way I am, because I'm probably scaring off Georgie because I eye-rolled and death-glare'd at her during bowling when I was at the height of my bad mood, and I just couldn't take her cheerful cheering me on every time I finished bowling. Which I suck at. 

But it's a lesson I learn every day. It's funny how they say that your morning makes your day, but lately I find that the afternoon does. Somehow, I always get really grouchy but something finally makes me relax again. Like when Georgie calls me, or when Danica hands me a plastic bag full of bread crusts. Or when I give Merida a bag of tater tots because she loves Napoleon Dynamite. Or, heck, that Literally sent me an email that wasn't started by me {lately he's been drifting away}. 

So ... I guess I'm OK. 

A bit dramatic. But OK.

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