Thursday, March 28, 2013

I Said Remember This Moment

Long Live just came on Pandora, and that is so perfect for what I'm writing about.

There's so much that's been going on today. First in Band, I had super much talking with Greni and my flute mates, and then in English, Mr. Okaae LET US HAVE 15 MINUTES TO DO THE ASSEMBLY DANCE PRACTICE!!!!!! WHICH MEANS WE GOT TO GET OUT OF READING TOM SAWYER!!!!!*

*The most boring book ever. Sorry, Mark Twain. You're better at quotes.

Then I survived Math without getting bored at all {and actually had fun in Bowling, where crazy Vanessa got 4 strikes in a row}. 

Then afterschool. The place I'd been dreading.

See, we've been planning this afterschool meeting for a while, but Vanessa forgot to get the notice out, so hardly anybody knew. Everybody kept telling me and Georgie things like "You know, nobody's going to show up there."

But today Kyle said that to me and I said back "That's just because you won't be there." 

Today I've been so brave in getting things for this dance. I'm not afraid to speak out for its cause anymore. 

Especially after what happened.

So there I went afterschool, not sure what would happen because, you know, everybody kept telling me we'd fail, and there weren't that many people who showed up to lunch meetings. But there were 36 or more of us, and quickly I realized that we had enough. And as I stood there on a chair watching people and yelling the counts, I felt so blessed. 

'Cause I finally realize what I should've: that not only hoping this much, but caring and working towards it, has made it impossible to fail. As I've said to Georgie over and over again, even if this dance is a little blip on the map, it means a lot to me. I went full-out. It's like my child, sort of. And I'm ... just so proud.

I was so proud when I saw at least 32 people who care as much as me. I was so proud when my sore throated voice did not give in and I managed to yell above the crowd. 

Today after Bowling I was a little worried, but I walked with Georgie. We sang Taylor Swift songs. I started, but then she led to Red. I figured that wasn't our mindset so I switched to Begin Again. Then we went to the bathroom with great acoustics and sang Starlight. But the one song we went all the way through was Change.

Tonight we'll stand and get off our knees
To fight for what we've worked for all these years
And the battle was long it's the fight of our lives
Will we stand as champions tonight?

It was the night things changed
Can you see it now?
Those walls that they put up to hold us back will fall down
It's a revolution, throw your hands up 'cause we never gave in
We'll sing hallelujah, we'll sing hallelujah, oh ...

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