Tuesday, March 19, 2013


"We are born with our eyes closed and our mouth open, and we spend our whole lives trying to reverse that mistake of nature." -DALE E. TURNER 
This is one of my absolute favorite quotes ever. It brings into what I want to talk about today: trust.

You never know who you can trust. Can you, ever? There's only 99 percents, because you're not someone else. For example, in the case of Georgie, I can trust her with 99% of things {like how she always steals my flute!!!!}, but there's still 1% left that she only determines. {Maybe she'll get brainwashed.}

Today, though, I found out that there are many different trust issues with the world. Take the purple quote to the right, for example. Let's just say that Liberty decided to take the place of one of the class representatives who didn't want to do it anymore. OK, personally Liberty seems really enthusiastic and good to the cause of student representing, especially since he volunteered to take someone's place when they wanted to quit. I even voted for Liberty at the beginning of the year. But every single time I remind Liberty about one of the student rep meetings, he's all enthusiastic and "I'll be there" but then he never is. It bugs the heck out of me, 'cause I think Liberty is awesome, but he keeps showing us up.

Then there are people like Kyle and Georgie, who come to every meeting regardless, and wait there for me even when I can't. I love being able to trust people. Or even the sevvie student rep, who always shows up, took my yelling match yesterday, and then tracked me down in the hallway to tell me that he'd accomplished his job. Which I was proud of.

So there are those little eye-openers, I guess, of when you can really trust people. There are just some things life throws at you to make you realize who's really good and who's really good at looking good but isn't. Or who just plain sucks.

Like this one guy, who used to be really good friends with me, but now he seems to be far away and he's become sort of a jerk. I used to like him because he was really sweet and nice, but now he's gotten really ... egotistical, I guess.

So that's my lesson on trust. Give it freely, but watch your step. 

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