Monday, March 11, 2013


Today is back in one of those days when you're like BLEH. But somehow, I've managed to be less BLEH and more like, say, bleh.

That's because I've been busy. I spent four + hours on a bus today to a math competition, which was not fun, but it meant I got a lot of thinking time and talking with Juniors time. Which mostly includes questions about what I'm planning to do as a freshman {AP classes, etc.}. 

I was thinking How do people handle all this work?! 

But I realized when I got home that I like being busy.

I like ticking things off of lists, and I like worrying and freaking out but making progress. Because I'm doing many things right now. I'm reading a book and typing and working on Georgie's birthday present and planning on how I'm going to track down my teachers tomorrow and how I'm going to plan the dance and yell at somebody.

It's ... great. It's survivin', 'cause I've got many things to live for.

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