Tuesday, March 26, 2013

The Ones I'd Throw Candy At

By now you are certainly acquainted with the fact that the student representatives and I are making a dance for the upcoming assembly. Well, not just student reps, I guess, but many other people besides. Our teacher/dance in-charge-person group includes Georgie, Danica, Vanessa, Kyle, Nash, and Tangorine.

Anyways, today has basically been all about that. Okay, sure, Seattle invited me to a soccer game {haha, and only me as far as I know} that I don't know if I can make tonight. But still, there's nothing much going on. Especially since with the head fuzziness, dizziness, and sore throat that means I'm sick, I can't focus on anything ... but the very super duper important stuff, and so far for me that's the dance.

Georgie called me when I god home from school and we talked for upwards of an hour about this. I swear, I could rant on forever about this dance, but for now I'm just going to tell you about the top thing I'm frustrated at.

This is people. There used to be more than sixty people who were interested in helping us with this dance. Now there are only about thirty of them, because once we started taking just  two days of their own time, they quit. 

I don't get this. 'Cause, you know, sure, this dance might be embarrassing, and it's CERTAINLY going to be embarrassing the less people we have. But I'm not trying to whine or brag or anything, but me and the dance crew have made it through WAY more obstacles than any of the dance volunteers. And hey, I'm so much better off without them.

I'm just happy that there are at least twenty people who are genuinely interested in helping though they might not get a reward. If I had money I would give them all rewards, but I don't, so I'll figure something out. The thing is, as I used in my crude example to Georgie, it's like we all fell off a boat, and I finally get to see the people who stop swimming just because it's too hard.

Whereas when I dance this dance on Friday, I'm going to have people around me who are fighting against the current because they want to and they chose the hard way. And hey, maybe this dance isn't a big thing, but it's preparing people for life.

Hey readers, not all of you go to my school or even know the real life me ... but ...

If you get the choice to sit it out or dance ... I hope you dance, but what would you do?

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Red said...

I would dance ;)
That and, HEY!! Aw dang, I was hoping you hadn't heard that song yet. Humphadoodle. I really like it and I was like, one of these days there'll be this perfect moment to suggest it to you and then you'll listen to it and be happy again. But no. You had to go and hear it before I could recommend it!
But that's okay cause I'll always love ya anyway!!