Friday, March 15, 2013

Nearly Old Times

I don't know why they call it the old times, because when you say "Oh the old times," that basically makes it sound like they were old and you got rid of them, but I LOVE my old times.

*cough* MOST of them.

I was thinking just barely about what to post about. So much has been going on and filling my days. That's what I love--when there's so much to write and talk about, instead of nothing, or just the bad stuff. 

This morning I had adventures of figuring out a way to keep waffles warm for Kahler. It was kind of her birthday present, I told her not to bring breakfast, and she kind of looked at me weird. Anyway, she was happy to accept them, even though they were a little soggy {I wiped the water out of the container, heated it and the waffles, and shoved it under the bus heater. They were warm when she got them}.

I read my book and wrote a lot during my TA period, and I felt bad that I wasn't doing anything and the teacher I TA for was doing all this junk, but it was okay. Then Georgie's friend came up to me just to talk and say how Georgie always talked about me and how I'm apparently a really cool person.

In History, we had a sub, which meant I finished my homework, got to listen to epic stories, and got free time to read some more.

Then in French, the fire alarm went off {I learned later that Stephen discovered it coming from a boy's bathroom} and we waited in the sunshine for forty minutes. That was one of the more bad old time parts, because the WHOLE TIME I was practically next to Pen's older brother. Not that he saw me of course.

I did walk by the Spanish classroom and see the inside of it, which I haven't since the last day of school last year ... which is why I walked quickly past it.

At lunch, I was surprised to be the first one outside ... except for Stephen and Fortune ... Seattle, who saw me walking quickly and broke into a run. I did too but he flopped his backpack down before I did, and I accused him of cheating.

He smiled, and we talked there after Stephen left, just the two of us. That hasn't happened for a long time, and having the sun shining on my back I felt kind of invincible, even though usually when these things happen I feel like crying 'cause I don't get them all the way back.

Then Danica came and talked and walked with me for lunch and we tried to interrogate Fortune out of a soccer ball. During science was another sub, and then we spent half an hour playing games. Fortune sat next to me, which was really funny because I could make him laugh with what I wrote or said or drew.

And now I'm talking to Seattle via gmail. What a day, right? What a day.

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