Wednesday, March 6, 2013

To All Those With Stalker Memories

Dear Friends,

You are so amazing. I love how you remember more than me. Actually, I hate that, because it makes me feel like a horrible person in comparison. Here I am wallowing in my own worries and problems and dramaticness, and you are thinking of me more often than need be  {goodness knows I do enough thinking about me for everyone}. 

But there you are, calling me because I forget to call you. Wearing a scarf when I forget to and it's Scarf Day. Buying me sticky notes when we talked about it two weeks ago and I COMPLETELY forgot.

You see, even with my supposed "Stalker Memory," I can't remember much.

Hey kudos to you friends who've got my back. I'll turn around and give you a hug ... but I've gotta wait until you stop looking!

Love, me


Red said...

Okay, so I've decided that if you can post daily, that I will make a goal to comment daily(ish) so let's see how this goes!

Strawberry Tree said...

You should try and blog every day too! *wink wink*