Monday, March 4, 2013

The Cute, Silly, Strawberry Reminiscing Times

Today is one of those days you stare up at the ceiling hoping it'll give you an answer when somebody asks how it was.

There were good parts and bad parts. I've always wondered why the bus in the morning isn't nearly as chatty as the bus in the afternoon when the same people are on both ways {at least in my group}, but this morning was amazing because everybody talked normally and it wasn't just a couple people but all of our friends sitting together. We laughed and joked and talked and rolled our eyes.

In classes I had some fun, especially in English. Orqua is reputable for her crush on so&so, and he sat next to her in the computer lab, by choice of seat. So we made fun of her and giggled when she got annoyed. Then me, Tangorine, and Orqua finished our testing so we sat outside in the library trying to be quiet, but failing, especially when Ase came along. 

Ase is silly, you've got to understand that he is NEVER. SERIOUS. Thus, he took some books and said "Kay guys, these are our newspapers. When somebody comes by I will say 'Quick! Newspapers!' and you will hold them up like this"--holds book up upside down--"and pretend you're reading. Then you stare at the person and don't talk to them!"

We had fun and I couldn't stop giggling behind my book. Then we went bowling in PE, which was super fun yet super nostalgic. Then Boomer my PE teacher turned on the music and everybody sang.

I also loved how Orqua, the ever nice ever sweet girl, came and joined the group of me and Georgie, who were loners. {Together.}

But there were sad parts too, like at lunch when I was wandering by myself because I was sure everyone was having fun and I didn't want to play soccer because I felt like I should hang out with Georgie. Somehow I left early and wandered and I found myself leaning on a locker thinking about ... bad stuff again. But I was good, not depressed. That doesn't mean I was thinking rationally, though.

So there was a moment of darkness. Sometimes I feel like nobody likes me and get paranoid, but that went away after dance class, where I ran around like a crazy idiot with Merida and Fluttari!

All right, so here I am planning a day with Nash and my friends {we get no school tomorrow: ACTs}. 

So good night. Good night.

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