Saturday, March 2, 2013

What a Day!

What a day to be alive
What a day to realize I'm not dead
What a day to save a dime
What a day to die trying

Greg Laswell's songs have been attacking my music ... thus I choose this song to describe what I'm feeling today. Or of late. There's so much I've been thinking of because of the way the sun shines and I get summer chills.

What a way to say good bye
What a wonderful life now, all a lie
What a way that you survive
What a day to say good night

Mm. I've been having such a good year this year, it's like a miracle. Who knew I'd survive? Who knew what problems I'd face? 

"Bring on the evening hours," I cry
"Bring on the evidence of my life"
"Bring on the evening hours," I cry
"Bring on the evidence of my life, of my life?

Oh, I never knew what would come when I began this year. I remember how I felt last summer, all lost and trying to build myself up from nothing.

What a day to give a dang
What a day for 'Gone With The Wind'

And what a day to start again
What a day to give up

But, you know, I've been having a good time.
What a day to visit Seattle
What a day for San Francisco
What a day, holy Toledo
What a day to get in the air and go

What a day to give up smoking
What a day to absorb Jim Beam and
What a day to welcome a baby and to begin breathing
To begin breathing

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