Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Ice Cream, I Scream

Do you know what's kind of ironic? When Georgie called me today, I was eating an ice cream cone. I don't know if she could tell this, but it was kind of silly thinking about it now, since we were talking about how teaching the dance totally DID NOT WORK.

Anyway, of course I've told you about this dance: we're doing it for an assembly next week. It's like a spirit thing, so me and the rest of the representatives have to put together a dance for our grades. AKA the seniors & juniors etc. are also doing dances, and since we're the younger group I freak out because I want to not embarrass myself, you know?

So I made this dance, which is simple. In a group, it should look good. I've spent the past two weeks teaching it to the rest of the reps at lunch meetings {five meetings: four spent doing nothing while I tried to teach, and one finally spent being successful}. We made it through several issues already--trying to find a teacher to give us a class period to teach, trying to create the dance. ... Let's just say it's been stressful, in the least.

Thus when Georgie and Kyle came to me with the news that teaching the dance hadn't turned out the way we planned {getting everyone to learn the whole thing}, I was kind of devastated.

But Georgie did call me, as mentioned above, and since I was eating ice cream, maybe it was the sugar-induced high that made me say the things I did. Or maybe it's the fact that I'm reading a book about a girl who got cancer and beat it out with a positive attitude.

So I told Georgie about what she did. She taught the first part of the dance to around thirty obnoxious people. They were here age, and she's a little shorter than most of them, and therefore doesn't command much authority. But look how much she did! All in the space of twenty minutes. Then she got them in rows and columns and organized-like stuff. 

She wasn't too happy over the phone, but I managed to hopefully let her know that we are going to do this dance. It is going to be amazing. 

We've already made it. We have a song and people willing to do it and time to teach it. We just have to teach it. One more hurdle, and go for the gold, and BOY, are we gonna get it.

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