Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Frustrations Can Be Fixed

Did you know that life can be super super frustrating sometimes?

Probably. But I'm happy to say that it can get better!

Okay, so today I was being super frustrated. First there was the fact that I had to use a copy machine today while TA'ing. I don't know about you, but copy machines are like evil creatures that somehow don't like to be tamed. First I grab somebody who knows how to do it who turns out to have no knowledge whatsoever {and used me as an excuse to get out of class}. Said person stood around while I rushed around getting help. Then the person who was supposed to be helping us left us to deal with problems of the paper jamming up and us not knowing how to fix it.

Thus I returned to the classroom crestfallen with 34 copies instead of 80. Well, there's always next time.

Then during French, I realized that I missed a lot of stuff while I was absent on Monday, which was totally not what I was expecting, seeing as I usually do nothing during French. So I got this packet of verbs in all these weird tenses, and I had to make a presentation, which I'll have to finish tonight or tomorrow night. -_-

At lunch, we had a senator meeting to make a dance for the upcoming assembly, which I've spent the past week choreographing. But not many people showed up {and they all showed up kinda late} so I didn't even get halfway through teaching, and not everyone showed up. Then we realized that we need a time to teach this to the people in our grade, and that our English teacher will only give us 15 minutes.

Nothing was resolved by the time the bell rang, and frustratedly I walked to Science, where I was busy making a fool of myself in this way:

So there's this one guy that I liked that I can't stop liking, and I get so mad whenever he doesn't talk to me or look at me or things like that. But then today when he kept coming up to me, I'd be as frank and quick as possible and walk away and I was SO MAD at myself. Oh, and at him too.

When I got home, I wasn't in a good mood. It's one of those days when the whole world is against you, especially that one guy who WALKED AWAY!!!! 'Cause, you know, it's totally okay for you to walk away, but not him.

But then Georgie called me and we talked for 56 almost 57 minutes, and she made me realize that things can get better. Then I went back through the events of my day. Although I'd forgotten to give a pack of mint gum and my letter to Georgie, I'd talked to her for a long time. And with the dance thing? My Science teacher has agreed to let us do the dance thing during his class, which is SO PERFECT! So now we don't have to worry about dang English teacher. {Well, not dang English teacher, just mildly-frustrating in our case.}

And who cares about copy machines anyway? Those dang things.

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