Sunday, March 31, 2013

The First of the Spring

Okay, for as long as I've had Simpark, I've said that my favorite flowers are paintbrushes. {They're actually flowers. Not like the stick things with hair. Ughhh, that reminds me of red and brown paint. And let's not go there.}

Anyway, after today I've realized that my favorite flower is actually the periwinkle. No, it's not just a color. It's this really pretty purplish bluish flower that looks like a star in the middle and is really hard to tape into your journal. And I should know this.

'Cause periwinkles are the kind of flower that has history behind it, and unlike most of the things in my life that have history behind them, this is good history. It reminds me of the early days of my and Georgie's friendship, where we were in a Shakespeare festival and memorized a sonnet and I picked flowers especially early one morning so we could wear them in our braids. They matched our purple skirts, and boy was that fun. 

So as I wrote in my journal today, seeing periwinkles again {I haven't since the festival last year} makes me feel excited to see what spring brings. Or just what springs. :D

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