Saturday, March 16, 2013

Giddy and the Good Kind of Screaming

Parties are weird. Some of them are super good, and you spend them eating pizza and flirting  {which wasn't good, but semi-fun I guess}. Or sane things like watching movies and screaming in terror! But some of them are super bad, like being lonely or scraping your leg in a scar that will last for years. 

There's one kind that is almost always the best, though: SURPRISE PARTIES!!!!

This week is my little sister's Vulpa's birthday, and she was talking about how she hasn't had a party since like third grade. It's true, and I LOVE parties. Somehow she's never organized enough to have one, so this Thursday I took things into my own hands, and got a ride to her school to deliver handmade invites. I hope she wasn't suspicious because I think she saw me giving one to one of her friends. 

I gave one to all of the girls in her class, which is who she'd wanted there, which is what I'd asked her the night before. And everything was quiet until today.

Vulpa left with a friend who we'd called to take her out to lunch. At 2, her friends started arriving. I played games with them, making sure they had hiding places and knew the cue. Then the doorbell rang and we all scrambled to get in place. 

I opened the door, smiling widely. "Hi, Vulpa!"


She never knew what was coming. "What the--?!" she said, but there was a smile on her face. I just interrogated her, and she says that she thought she was hallucinating.

We watched How to Train Your Dragon and ate chips and drank soda. We had cake, laughed a ton, played games and opened presents. It was really ... amazing, actually. Her friends are loud and crazy and the kind of un-self-conscious person I wasn't in sixth grade, like they all are.

You know, I kind of missed that.

So I took out my Taylor Swift piano book and played songs from Speak Now, wondering about the song Never Grow Up. I miss a lot of what I used to be, like these fearless girls who are innocent and sweet and obnoxious but pure and perfect, and I'd love it if they stayed that way. The world needs less worrywarts like me and more people who are carefree and happy.

'Cause I miss playing silly and stupid drama games and sticking my tongue out. I miss laughing about everything and taking goofy pictures and sticking candles in the cake. All of which I did today, and you know, they say you can't ever go back.

But they're wrong.


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