Thursday, March 7, 2013

I'm Not Tied

I'm Not Tied. To Anything.

I'm not tied to any routine. I go to school, but that doesn't entail what happens in there. I'll be loud and obnoxious on the bus in the morning, go to classes, go home. But still, there are so many possibilities and changes and ... good things. Somehow I'm happy because I realize that I'm not in France.

In France, it matters about the thing, not its owner. But in my life, I'm not guided by things anymore. Sure, I can be much happier when certain things happen ... but basically I'm just happy me.

So today I played soccer {not very well}. I got mad at my science test, which somehow didn't put me down. I made a poster, I had a conversation in French with my teacher, I spied on a friend's blog. I wrote letters, got freaked out by a sub who may or may not have been a mass murderer {just kidding, I was safe}, gave hugs and stuck sticky notes. I got crusts fed to me, and I laughed with Stephen and Liberty on the bus ride home.

Most of all, I dreamt. Or dreamed, but I like dreamt better. I had a weird dream a couple of days ago and got to tell it in Buttre's class {AKA History}. It was a funny dream and it was embarrassing that I had to sit in my teacher's chair to tell it, but it was cool because somebody at the back of the room said this:

"I think I'm gonna start calling you dreamgirl."

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