Tuesday, March 12, 2013

The Jury's Out. My Choice is You

I just got off of a really long phone call with Georgie. Actually, that isn't near the record of our long phone calls. It didn't even feel long. That's because it was the kind of fast one where hours or minutes pass by and you don't know because you're talking. It's like one of those late night talks when the subject swerves from lightheartedness like blond people, loving crushes' noses, and arm hair--to something serious like friends.

Idea borrowed from my lovely blogger friend Bright.
Don't get me wrong, friends aren't too much of a problem. I'm no longer having to find my way with who is who, but I'm worried that's what others are going through. Especially when you have somebody like me who sits on the edge of the crowd knowing how bad it feels, and somebody like Georgie who walks to the edge of the crowd to sit with someone like me. 

We know the scoop; people can't hide.

{Can you believe it? Ours just came on my Pandora. Weird.}

But seriously, I'm just so sick of hearing these stories. "Oh, so-and-so is the most likely of us to be gay." Well, just because he has girly handwriting and crosses his legs and cares about his hair doesn't mean he's gay. He's less gay than anybody I know. He may have some girl aspects but he is completely a BOY. "Oh, so-and-so is a girl." Don't judge somebody on their haircut.

Like, how can someone get away with being a selfish jerk when other people can't even get away with nice handwriting? What kind of a world is this? I realized when I was talking to Georgie about this today that people judge, no matter how much we try and promise that we won't.

I want to fix these things so bad.

But I'm so glad I have somebody like Georgie on my side. I'm proud to have her as a best friend. Sure, she has her faults, like the eyelashes we talked about {although those aren't really a fault}. But she is so sweet. She was telling me about this disabled kid in second grade {? I think} who she helped out because nobody was his friend and he was super sweet.

She woulda done that even if he wasn't sweet. Do you know what I did in second grade? Thought I was good and moped because nobody else did. 

So I'm going to learn from the people around me, and teach what I can. I've been getting out of my own storms, but I need to help other people too.

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