Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Fall Down Seven, Stand Up Eight

Aah, so you see, this assembly dance is probably going to end up frustrating you as much as it does me, but for entirely different reasons.

Not that I'm frustrated with it anymore. Georgie and our long phone calls have helped me to see that ... you know, it's going well. 

It's amazing how much we've been through. I can't believe that the dance crew & I have gone this far. We've had to make the dance, pick a song, teach it to people, find time to teach it to people {not necessarily in that order} and all this JUNK. But ... it's great to know that we're good enough to keep going on and, you know, not give up. And I'm so thankful to Vanessa, Danica, and Nash, my fellow teachers. I'm so thankful towards people like Greni and Reta who believe in the dance enough to be dance it too.

Ugh, I'm so excited. I can't believe that I'm happy today, because lately everything has been so crazy. But today all of my stress has gone away. I've figured out what's going on during freshman year. I've realized that even if it's only me {and Georgie; I know she won't give up either} dancing on Friday ... I'll be happy. I'll still be proud.

And today ... it's been so amazing. It's like a gift from whoever's in charge that I should finally get some time to relax and stop yelling at people with this sore throat of mine {sickness-induced, probably not stress-induced but who knows?}. 

Anyway, today's been such a great day. Like I said before, I can finally sit back and think ... that was fun. Like how I stopped worrying about things every single moment of the day, and I started having fun. I talked with Seattle and had fun with my friends, and, well, got the most out of my day.

Like how Ase is in Seattle right now at a music fest. Well, if I was in Seattle {promise I'm going to Washington someday} I'd sing.

Because I am a mountaineer. I've climbed mountains, if you think about it. And the view from the top is great, but Miley Cyrus was right. It's the climb.

{Although they aren't really mountains where I come from, they're moun'ns.}

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