Tuesday, March 5, 2013

I Am Knighted in a Desert

Today, we had no school. Thus, I had issues waking up at six and attempting to fall asleep again. In this way, I spent much too long in the dream-world and woke up super dizzy and scared, because I had a dream that my eyes wouldn't open {thankfully they did}. 

I was feeling super loopy and grumpy because I had arguments with my mom about what school I'll go to next year. So I ended up giving life the silent treatment and sticking my nose in a book. Then I grumpily got my stuff together and my mom drove me to the park where my friends and I are having a picnic. My only friends who were there when I got there were Kahler and Fortune, who were kicking around soccer balls. But then Nash showed up, and I showed her my baby brother, who was being a marshmallow {read: not responding to my repeated "SAY HI!!!!!!!!" yellings}. Plus he was wearing a fat coat.

ANYWAY, then people started coming and I ended up in a tree. Kahler and Vanessa both showed off by going to the very top, but me and my fear of heights said no to that, so I settled a little lower than halfway and watched people kicking around soccer balls. Not too happy. But then we decided to play capture the flag. I like that game, but I never get to do anything important because I'm to paranoid. I did manage to get in jail multiple times, though.

After that we played soccer, and I raced around for a while before feeling super tired, thirsty, and useless. So me and Georgie went to the pavilion to hunt water, of which there was NONE!!!!

People started to realize this, and we were all super thirsty. The boys left, and so it was just me, Nash, Danica, Georgie, Orqua, Vanessa, and a seventh grader on my Mathcounts team. We were super thirsty, and attacked this one dude when he came over with two filled soda bottles {filled with water of course, soda is GROSS}.

Then we all chugged it and saved the rest for later as we ate snacks and chatted. Eventually we decided that we were in a kingdom under the sea and we were all mermaids, and Orqua was our princess and the guarder of the water. I got to be a knight, by way of stick.

All too soon I had to go, but happily, Nash and Danica were coming to my house. We went up to my room and talked for a while, laughing about my silly little sister {who is TOO silly if you ask me} and then we went downstairs and played Just Dance 4, and were increasingly annoyed at Nash, who is far too good at that for her own ... good. Dang it, I wasn't supposed to use that twice in a sentence.

Finally Danica and I teamed up and defeated Nash by being Moves Like Jagger! Not my ideal victory ... but victory it was!

So we sat around talking and making confessions and dream stories while eating fruit snacks. It was awesome, and I love the way there are those people I can just sit and talk with and enjoy. However, some people talk with me and it's super awkward 'cause I don't know what to say. Nash and Danica are easy to talk to, thank goodness!

We went back up to my room and I banished my little sister for a while 'cause she kept dropping stuffed animals {those cursed things} on Nash's head. Then she ran away because we were being boring {AKA making up a dance}. 

But I feel like that was an amazing way to spend my day, especially because now I have stuff to write about, and/or do. I love making progress, and quenching my thirst ... *guh*

--So Danica, now you know how pathetic I am, writing this not even half an hour after you and Nash left. What can I say? 

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