Friday, March 1, 2013


I've always loved the phrase "ruddy cheeks". Even though technically it makes you think of yucky dirt stuff, it makes me think of certain things, like how Georgie flushes and smiles after we run, or how Seattle blushes, or how I just love red. :P

Being me, I can't really blush physically, although I feel like that plenty mentally. Thus, I really love it when I look in the mirror and I'm colorful. It makes me feel more alive, and that's what I've been getting a lot lately.

Like how I've played soccer for the past two days, and Vanessa {who may or may not be trying to get on my good side, like she isn't already} told me how Fortune {the soccer freak} was saying on Thursday how I was good at soccer. True or no, it made me realize that I have been good at soccer lately. My old love for it is back, and I've gotten the ball a lot more. True, I've also gotten dirt on my jeans, but who says the mud is bad?

Then yesterday I went out for a run for no particular reason, and even though I had to stop and walk for much of it {poor choice of a track; running steep downhills, a straight, but then steep uphills}, it felt amazing and cool. I did dance today, and freakishly tired myself out. 

So I've been feeling great. The only bad thing is that today during dance class I was completely out of it because my head was fuzzing. It had been taken over completely by the feeling of summer, which I am not ready for yet. Once I get the problem of school sorted over with it I'll be okay, but for now I wish it remains distant.

For now, I'll run and run until I've rud.

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